Nourishing Students and Community

The Hey Day Market will be a vibrant addition to Auburn’s culinary scene and a favorite gathering place for students, family and friends on South College Street. At the market, nine vendors will serve crowd-pleasing meals that are thoughtfully prepared onsite with sustainable, organic ingredients. One vendor stall will be a dedicated incubator where graduates of the Hospitality Management and Culinary Science programs can develop business concepts and get their operations off the ground.

Prospective Vendors
Becoming a Vendor

To ensure consideration for this opportunity, submit the following information no later than by March 1, 2022 when the first round for vendor selection will be initiated. Submissions received after this date will be reviewed and considered if vendor stall options are not committed to or for future consideration.

Company Story

Share you and your company’s experience and qualifications, including operation of other restaurant and food hall ventures. Please include professional biographies of your owners and/or operators, links to your professional social media presences and your proposed logo(s) and other branding. Be sure to include email and phone contact information to reach you about your response.

Statement of Interest

Tell us why you are interested in joining the Hey Day Market, including your interest and any experience in serving a college campus and surrounding community.

Proposed Concept(s) and Menu

Describe your proposed concept(s) and share a menu for each. Explain why you think your concept(s) will succeed and appeal to in the Hey Day Market.

Note that although stall equipment has been selected with particular general concepts in mind, other creative concepts are welcomed.

Staffing Model

Describe your approach to staffing of your Hey Day Market operation (number of employees, manager oversight, etc.).

Financial Capacity

Provide information demonstrating your financial capacity and plan for funding start-up costs and operations. Include supporting documentation where possible. All such information and documents will be maintained as strictly confidential.

Five-Year Pro Forma

Provide a projected five-year pro forma for your Hey Day Market operation.

Specialty Equipment List

If your concept would require additional specialty equipment beyond what is shown on the equipment list, please identify that equipment. Note that additional specialty equipment must be furnished by the vendor at its cost.