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Dating all the way back to World War II, Auburn University’s student body and members of the Student Government Association pushed for a day that would unite the Auburn Family and promote a friendly atmosphere known as Hey Day.

Each year we carry on this tradition of handing out name tags and encouraging students, faculty, and the rest of the Auburn Family to greet one another with the Auburn Spirit and bring all those parts of Auburn closer together. HEY DAY has become one of Auburn University’s longest and most cherished traditions and is a day the student body has grown to love and look forward to each year.

Hey Day is a celebration of the spirit that unifies all Auburn students, faculty, and alumni into one Auburn family, and serves as a reminder that each member of the Auburn family is unique but important. It will always aim to draw-in all parts of our family in celebration of all that is Auburn.

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What is the vision of Hey Day Market?

"Designed with budding chefs and entrepreneurs in mind, Hey Day Market will celebrate fresh cuisine and cultivate an atmosphere of creative innovation."

Rendering of inside Hey Day Market

Located adjacent to the main entrance/lobby to the center on South College Street, this bright and airy 10,000 -square-foot food hall will be accessible to students on campus, as well as to members of the local and business communities, visitors, shoppers and alumni returning to campus. The design will feature an industrial look with stained concrete floors. The building operator will be responsible for curating food vendors who are dedicated to fresh, sustainable food production. The food hall will be a welcome addition by Auburn students in need of other food offerings on campus. The focus will be on creativity and moderately priced meals, which are prepared and served within minutes. Eight food vendors will be located along the perimeter of the hall, in addition to a bar and one incubator space, with both individual and communal seating arrangements.

The concept of the food incubator was inspired by “KitchenTown” in San Jose, CA, a leading food incubator in the United States. This for-profit incubator concept will provide space at minimal cost to a graduate from the Hospitality Management Program. After 12 months, the graduate will vacate the space, having gained enough experience, proof of concept, and funding to go out on his/her own, thus allowing new graduates who wish to develop a food production company to occupy space in the center for the next 12 months.

Students will be able to spend their declining balance dollars and use their Tiger Club cards in the Hey Day Market. However, block meals cannot be used in the Hey Day Market.